To:             Todd Kabes, Leslie Modgling

From:         Melissa Parish (210-757-4556)

Re:             General shopping cart proposal for San Antonio Weddings


Included are three different shopping cart plans.  I am very familiar with the Basic and the Advanced.  I have never used the intermediate shopping cart software, but after some research, it is an excellent shopping cart package – a  good value and very robust.


All three of these carts are ASP/VBScript front-end and either SQL or MSAccess back-end.


I will devote to this project complete development and support from start to finish.


Basic Version – Cost: $800


Basic cart demo, (does not include all of the features listed below):


Live site examples  (includes all features listed below):


  • Cross selling
    Addition of "You may also like" to product pages.
  • More caching
    This reduces the number of database queries thus leading to a faster and more efficient shopping experience.
  • Display multiple products on one page
    All products for a single category are displayed on a single page.
  • Hierarchical side bar
    Allows easy user navigation through the hierarchical categories and products.
  • Style sheets
    Style sheets allow easy customization of the shopping cart’s 'look and feel'.
  • Verisign payflow Link
    Integration of the Verisign payflow Link payment system so you can handle real-time credit card payments.
  • Integration of
    Integration of the payment system so you can handle real-time credit card payments.
  • Address book system
    This allows customer to store multiple addresses which they can then use when placing an order.
  • Search facility
    Allows customers search by keyword to quickly find a specific product.
  • Shipping time
    Displays the average shipping time on a per product basis.
  • Allows addition to price
    Products with certain attributes. can have their prices increased or decreased e.g. Add $5 for Large.
  • Real time stock control.
    Automatically decrements inventory as stock is purchased.
  • Shipping options
    Shipping options can be specified depending on total price, country or address substring.
  • Display of 'order status'
    Displayed to customers and can be updated from the administration console.
  • Better user privileges
    Allows you to limit access to many of the administration facilities.
  • Search and display orders
    Perform searches on customer id, order id, date range and status.
  • Search for customers
    Perform searches on customer id, name or email address.

Notes: Good bargain although limited, very easy to program, gets up and running in a short amount of time, customizable to look and feel of main site.


Intermediate version – Cost: $1,100 (my new personal favorite)


Live sites:



  • ASP/ VBScript based software comes with full source code.
  • No additional components needed for core functions.
  • Runs on IIS 4.0/5.0 and PWS with Database support for MS Access 2002, SQL Server 7.0/2000.
  • Built-in support for 5 of the most popular eMail components.
  • Database based cart, from start to finish.
  • Admin tool comes with several troubleshooting tools to help novice users track down web server configuration errors.
  • Skinnable design allows for enormous flexibility in changing the look and feel of your store, without impacting future upgrades.
  • Customizable language for the front-end of your store allows you to present the front-end to your customers in the language of your choice.
  • Customizable currency for the front-end of your store allows you to present the front-end in the currency of your choice.


  • Support for SSL, including most "shared" SSL certificates.
  • Encryption of Passwords and Credit Card numbers in the database.
  • Robust user input validations throughout the store to trap possible SQL string hacks.
  • Critical information (such as the RC4 key) is kept separate from the database.
  • Assign additional login to the admin for staff that can't modify the store's configuration settings.

Customer Convenience

  • Customer can view and modify their personal info by logging on to their account. Account can be created before or during CheckOut process.
  • Full order history and detail is available to the customer.
  • Customer receives confirmation eMails when they place the order, and when their order's status changes.
  • All software downloads are available via their online account. No more hassles with eMailed software links gone missing.
  • Customer can re-attempt payment at a later date. Sometimes the Payment Gateway's servers are down. With this software, the Customer can come back and pay later.
  • Password Reminder feature for Customers.
  • "Email A Friend" functionality allows customer to send a link to a Product via email.
  • Support for tax-free customers.
  • Convenient Order Print function from the customer's account area.
  • Advanced search function.
  • "Contact Us" script to send queries via email from your store.
  • "Save Cart" functionality.
  • See shipping estimates before checkout.
  • Customer can keep a list of their favorite products.
  • Selectable currency and language.

Catalog & Products

  • The software does not limit the number of Products, Categories and Options.
  • Item discounts based on quantity ordered.
  • Order discounts with single or multi use discount codes.
  • Products can be linked to multiple categories, and multiple option groups.
  • Product categories can be "nested" within each other.
  • You can display the entire category tree, or only from a certain point in the tree.
  • Link images or other HTML to the category display.
  • Group products so that they are displayed together on the product detail page.
  • Option Groups can be individually set to Optional or Required. This way you can make sure that the Customer selects all the right options.
  • Options can be given a weight which will be factored into the shipping cost calculations along with the Product weight.
  • Support for "text" options which allows a customer to enter text when they order a product.
  • Digital Downloads are fully supported. All downloads are done through a script that checks the order status before allowing the download.
  • Store can be run in "Catalog Only" mode. This way, the store acts just like an online catalog, without any links to a shopping cart.
  • Dynamically create product listings on your "Home Page" by setting product(s) to "Featured".
  • Cross-Selling is supported via a related keys mechanism. This method is much less work than physically linking dozens of Products manually.
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Support for product suppliers


  • Several utilities to test and troubleshoot your installation.
  • On-Screen help is available for most functions.
  • Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.
  • Upload Product Images and Software Items from your browser to your web server.
  • Store shipping rates are calculated by order weight and/or price. The amount charged for shipping can be calculated via fixed price or percentage. Ability to assign Free Shipping to an individual product.
  • Support for UPS, USPS and Canada Post online shipping rates.
  • Configure sales tax per postal / zip code, municipality, state or country (billing or shipping address).
  • Activate/Deactivate individual customers.
  • Manage your orders from an intuitive screen. Order stock levels can be adjusted when the order ships.
  • Add private comments to each order, or comments that the customer can also see.
  • Statistical Charting tool.
  • Restrict digital downloads to a specified number of downloads, or a pre-determined number of hours.
  • Integrated Authorize.Net gateway allows you to authorize and collect Credit Card payments from your order management screen.
  • Ability to override any customer selected payment method with a Authorize.Net Credit Card payment. This is usefull if the customer changes their mind about how they want to pay for an order after the order has already been placed.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized to suit your requirements. Dynamic replacement of text can also be done.
  • Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store.

Payment Gateways

  • Built-in front end support for offline payments (such as Mail-In, Fax-In, Phone-In and COD), Offline Credit Card payments, PayPal, 2CheckOut.Com and Authorize.Net (AIM & SIM).
  • Support for PayPal IPN and 2CheckOut.Com Auto-Update.
  • Built-in support for Authorize.Net credit card payment authorizations from the Administration area.
  • Support for custom payment gateways via user exits.
  • Enter up to 9 Credit Card types (eg. Visa, Mastercard, etc.).
  • Extensibility
  • Easily add payment gateways to the store
  • Easily add new languages to the store front-end


Notes: My favorite -- even though I have never programmed it before, I downloaded the demo and got it running in no time.  I like the flexibility and features.  It’s a great shopping cart for any size site.


Advanced Version – Cost: $1,600


Live sites:



  • No plug-ins or system updates
  • Just unzip files.
    VP-ASP is ready to use
  • Browser based administration
  • Unlimited products, categories
  • Use as complete storefront
  • Integrates into any existing web 
  • Full open source
  • Easy installation from a zip file
  • Developer Discounts
  • Reseller and ISP discounts
  • Free add-ons for gateways, languages and real-time shipping
  • No ongoing fees
  • Free upgrades for a year
  • Customer forum
  • Turn on shopping features as you need them
  • Simple shops can be up and running in an hour. Just add your products.


Payment Options

  • Paypal
  • 100+ electronic gateways such as Paypal, Authorizenet, Verisign
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Bypass payments
  • Any other non credit type of payment
  • Real time currency conversions
  • Dual currency displays
  • Reusable gift certificates
  • Any currency type
  • Service payments (take payments for auctions and non product services)
  • Digital downloads and attachments
  • Secure digital delivery
  • Pin Number delivery
  • Recurring Billing
  • Points Rewards
  • 3-4 digit card verification number optional or required


  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited product features such as color, size or any attribute you decide upon
  • Features as drop down lists, radio buttons, fill in text, quantities, check boxes
  • Feature based prices and weights
  • Cross selling
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Customer based pricing (retail, wholesale, etc)
  • Quantity based pricing
  • Delivery address per product
  • Stock Control by product or feature
  • Discounts based on order amount
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Top Sellers
  • Wish lists
  • Display products as a catalog only
  • Call for price
  • Dependent products 
  • Ask a question
  • Make an offer
  • Buy one get x free
  • Multiple images per product
  • HTML editor or product and category descriptions
  • Out of stock messages or auto hide products when stock depleted

Shipping and Taxes

  • 15+ shipping calculations- price range, quantity range, weight, weight range etc
  • Real time shipping - free add-ons
  • UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, Thai Post, Intershipper for DHL and many other shipping companies
  • Tax by state
  • Tax by country
  • Tax by product
  • Handling fixed or by product
  • Individual delivery address by product
  • Product based shipping calculations
  • Free shipping over a certain amount
  • European VAT exemption handling
  • Call for price shipping cost
  • Enhanced product excludes for shipping and taxes
  • Short term delivery date and time with exclusions for certain period
  • Markups for real-time shipping
  • Free shipping by product
  • Free shipping by order amount
  • Country based shipping
  • Tax exempt products
  • Canadian tax free add-on
  • Australian GST free add-on


  • Mail to merchant on order completion
  • Mail to Customer on order completion
  • Mail to others (mailing list) on order completion
  • Mail to suppliers on order completion
  • Mail on customer buying a gift certificate
  • Mail to Tell a friend
  • Mail on order tracking message to merchant
  • Bulk mailing by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new customer registration
  • Mail to merchant on new product review
  • Mail to customer on order tracking message by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new gift registry creation
  • Mail to merchant on affiliate registration
  • Mail to affiliate on registration
  • Mail on order received for affiliate 
  • Mail on processing an order by
  • Mailing attachments

Customer Service

  • Orders stored in database
  • Customer history of all orders
  • Customer can restore orders
  • Repeat customer recognition
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Affiliate Program
  • Gift Registry
  • Wish List
  • Join mailing list
  • Pre-sales registration
  • Forced login before shopping
  • Logged order tracking messages
  • Customer based discounts
  • Pin Number delivery
  • Express Checkout
  • Wish list per product
  • SMS messaging

Design and layout

  • Fully flexible design
  • HTML template formatting or no template formatting
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories/subcategories
  • Unlimited subcategory depth
  • Advanced Search facilities
  • Customizable search facility
  • Thumbnails and larger images
  • Automated extended descriptions
  • Add to cart button on existing sites
  • Order multiple products with one click
  • Mouse only ordering
  • Random product displays
  • Mini cart always visible
  • 350+ configuration options
  • Your own database fields dynamically used for forms, search, display and editing
  • Auto alphabetic links
  • Dynamic headers

Back Office

  • Update products using browser
  • Update any table via browser
  • Browser reporting
  • Bulk Updating from files
  • Bulk mailing- text or HTML
  • Bulk Imports
  • Display and print orders
  • Order tracking messages
  • Send message on order processed
  • Configure over 400 Shop options using the browser
  • Multiple administrators with different privileges
  • Advanced SQL reports
  • Export any table
  • QuickBooks integration via export or
    third party software
  • Static HTML generation for search engines
  • Add and modify languages


  • Sales reports
  • Search query reports
  • Total sales
  • Total sales by product and supplier
  • Affiliate Reports
  • Recurring Billing
  • Content management

Database and System

  • Open ASP source
  • Access, MySQL and SQL Server 
  • MYSQL now supported in all versions
  • MYSQL can be used in Microsoft Windows or Unix
  • Full SSL Support
  • Full shared SSL support
  • Separate products database
  • Split orders database


  • Use any language
  • Automatic language switching
  • Dual Currency displays
  • International shipping calculations
  • International date formats
  • Any currency symbol
  • International Paypal support
  • Auto currency conversion in real time
  • Multi Currency

Anti-Hacker Security

  • Prevent hackers from order based on e-mail or IP address
  • Dual password login to Administration
  • Totally hide administration
  • Prevent certain countries from ordering
  • Always use database prices
  • Other internal security checks to prevent SQL injection
  • IP to country checks
  • Email admin owner when someone tries to access admin log in page
  • Security alerts if unsecure pages found on server
  • Security notices delivered directly to admin

Content Management

  • Full Content management on any page you choose such as privacy, about us, what's new
  • Template driven or non template driven with images and text
  • Merge any table with any template
  • Dynamic menu for content pages with full control via the new Navigation Manager


  • Commission reports over any time period
  • Affiliate registration, change details and forgotten password
  • Review Orders
  • Email on order
  • Two level commission
  • Commission by percent, by product, by category
  • Affiliate status including links, last order, orders
  • Bulk mail to affiliates using HTML, plain text or mail merge
  • Affiliate based look and feel
  • Coupons can be associated with affiliates for advertising campaigns

Notes: Excellent shopping cart software, loaded with features, very flexible and robust, many payment options, easily customizable to look and feel of main site.  This shopping cart software is great for a very large site with a large product inventory.